All About the Details

After a few years in the bow business, and through LOTS of trial and error, we believe we have found the highest quality fabrics and supplies to make your bows. Each bow and accessory on our site is handcrafted and no detail is left unchecked.


Our bow sizes vary from teeny tiny pixie bows, which measure about 2 inches from end to end all the way through Texas size bows, which measure around 5 inches from end. Below are the most popular bows on our site that we commonly reference.


Alligator Clips

Our most popular hardware option! Alligator clips offer a great grip and are easy to place in and take out of your little one's hair. Clip size will vary between small, medium, and large depending on the size of the bow. 

French Barrette

A great hardware selection if your little one has fine or thin hair or if alligator clips tend to slip or slide out of your little one's hair. Barrette size will vary between standard and large depending the size of the bow.

Nylon Headbands 

A soft headband perfect for newborns and little ones that are still growing their hair out. We currently offer nylon headbands in nude, brown, and black. 

Hair Ties

Hair ties are great for older girls who prefer to have their bows made directly onto the hair tie. If a double hair tie is what you’re looking for, please be sure to mention that in the notes section at checkout.

Soft Pigtail Hair Ties

Soft pigtail hair ties are available on all of our small bows (ie: pixie, bitty) and pigtail bows. This is a great and gentle alternative if you prefer bows to be on soft hair ties versus clips. 


Sturdy headbands are another great option for older girls! You have the option to have your bow made directly on the headband OR you can purchase the headband separately and have it act like an interchangeable headband where you can slip bows on and off as you'd like.

Interchangeable Headbands

If you are currently torn between buying your bows on clips or headbands, then this is the solution for you!

With an interchangeable headband you would purchase your bows on clips and simply clip them onto the interchangeable headband. Your little one can continue to wear nylon headbands as long as possible until you all are ready for clips! At that point, you would switch out the interchangeable headband and use your bows as clips.